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ADHD is a super power when used correctly.


Unfortunately, I was not born with the ability to not make jokes or laugh at the silliest of things.

Meme Influencer

I totally made up the term meme influencer to see if for some random reason it would rank on Google. Welcome to my weird world.

Welcome to my digital domain! I’m Molly, an industry veteran with more than two decades of navigating the ever-exciting, and sometimes downright quirky, landscape of digital media.

Whois Digital Molly

I go by “Digital Molly,” a moniker earned for sharing my life in the online space. My journey began in the nostalgic era of Gopher and BBSes, where my geeky roots firmly planted the seeds for a flourishing career.

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Here is what you need to know about Digital Molly.

Meeting the Internet

Starting with casual web design in my teenage years, I discovered my talent for navigating the unpredictable terrain of the world wide web, SEO, and digital marketing. In 2002, I started blogging and it’s been a wild ride ever since!

I eagerly embraced the future dominance of the internet, riding the online wave ever since!

Career Life

In my successful corporate career, I excelled in guiding corporations, non-profits, and small businesses through the complex shift from physical to online realms. With expertise in live event marketing, I seamlessly integrate digital strategies to elevate engagement.

Seeking a life better suited for someone who refuses to think inside the box, a career pivot took me using my corporate skills and going into business for myself.

I’ve forged a reputation as a skilled writer and meme creator. With contributions to renowned platforms such as Babble, Scripps, and Disney, I’ve left my mark on various national publications, affirming my status as a seasoned and respected writer in the industry.

While writing and meme making are an active part of what I do, another aspect of my work life is managing a portfolio of internet properties and business coaching small businesses enabling them to create success in the digital space.

About Digital Molly

Who am I? Well, if you haven’t gathered at this point – I’ll let you in the know… I am someone who doesn’t like being boxed.


Beyond the professional hustle, I embody the mantra of “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG), infusing transparency and authenticity into everything I do.

Grace, humor, funny memes, and a hint of wine—these are my secret weapons. Beyond work, you can find me juggling family life, oversharing on Instagram, manifesting on Pinterest, practicing yoga, sending TikToks, and navigating between squad time and cherished solitude, proudly embracing my introverted extrovert persona.

Social Media

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