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Digital Molly

I create things.

Previous titles include: Creative Director, Digital Marketing Maven, Business Coach Blogger, Influencer and Web Designer. In the spirit of easy does it – let’s just say I create things.

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Well, since you are being nosy, here’s a little tea about Digital Molly. Until then, enjoy these random stats to make you further the huh in regards to who she is.

Years on the Internet

Before there was even AOL, I loved the internet, As a pre-teen – I read about connecting your phone to a computer. And so it began.

Domain Names Owned

Confession, I am a Domain Hoarder. Some girls collect purses or shoes. Not me, I collect domain names (and memes.)

Funny Memes Created

We are just in the intro, but a little something about me – I create memes. Yes, it’s odd but I guess you could say I’m in my meme era.

Musings of Digital Molly

It’s my website and I’ll share what I want. From my work to random thoughts and quirkiness, here are the musings of Digital Molly.

Les Miserables Dallas broadway comes to the Dallas Music Hall in Fair Park

Les Miserables Dallas Takes Center Stage December 2023

Prepare for an unforgettable journey as Les Misérables takes Dallas by storm! From December 20-31, 2023, the Music Hall at Fair Park becomes the epicenter of drama, music, and local talent. Don’t miss this Broadway Dallas presentation of the iconic musical, featuring the remarkable Haley Dortch as Fantine. Get ready to be captivated, entertained, and swept away in the magic of Les Misérables right here in our vibrant city!