Here are a Few or 5 of my Favorite Memes

It’s my website and I’ll share my favorite memes if I want to. While memes are totally my thing, i’ll keep this short and sweet.

Digital Molly’s Favorite Memes

From Dolly to being a mom, here are a few of my favorite memes from the last year.

Dolly Parton Does Dallas

Remember that one time during the Thanksgiving 2023 Dallas Cowboys half time show where Dolly Parton proved that she is timeless? The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders maybe called America’s Sweethearts but we know who the real winner is.

I love Dolly Parton and can only hope to be standing when i’m 77 years old! See Dallas Cowboys memes and rally on them boys as we dominate the NFL this season!

Leaving Stuff on the Stairs

Bless your heart moms who leave stuff on the stairs and think their children will actually put it up. I too made that mistake and well, currently the pile on the stairs has been sitting there for a week untouched. The neat little pile it was in? Yeah, that was knocked over.

Googling with Insomnia

The meme speaks for itself. Jesus was 5 foot 5 inches tall. John Lennon was 5 foot 10 inches tall. That Googling at 3am is wild, y’all.

Work From Home Attire

The truth of the matter is, if you are working from home – office attire is a no. So is wearing a bra. Share a funny work meme with a coworker.

ADHD Over-Sharing Happens

Where are my ADHD girls at? IYKYK, that over-sharing sometimes get real awkward fast.

There you go, a few of my favorite memes. As the meme influencer (self proclaimed)- I’ve got you in the meme department.

Leave a comment below telling me which meme is your favorite. I don’t want any Dolly Parton hate in the comments. She’s 77, y’all and Dolly is queen.

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