Best Meme Influencer 2023: How I Got the Title

You are talking to the best Meme Influencer 2023. What a silly title and thing to post, you might say. Meh.

One of my favorite things about the internet is stupid things. So of course, oh so many years ago when memes hit the www – you know Digital Molly was all over them.

For the Love of Memes

How much do I love memes? So much that I’ve made up this fabulous title and check out this award. Self appointed? Maybe. Fabulous? For sure. I mean, isn’t this what the internet is anyways? I’m here for it and all of it’s stupendous glory.

Self Titlement

Bring on the self-titlement, if that’s what you even call it. NO, not self-entitlement -that’s bad. Self titlement is when you know your worth.

Where as self-entitlement is where your inflated sense of self has you thinking you deserve more. Self-titlement is where you recognize and become the title you want to be.

This is from WikiHow in regards to self-entitlement: When someone’s self-entitled, they’re more likely to put their own needs above others, and are often too happy to inconvenience other people.

What is a Meme Influencer?

So back to the whole meme influencer thing. If you are wondering what in the world wide web is a meme influencer is, I get it. It’s a made up term that sounds legit, so let’s just say I’m naming it and claiming it, rolling with whatever comes to mind.

Now back to the question. What is a meme influencer? Well, as mentioned I made it up. Let’s ask the artificial intelligent people what a meme influencer is. Here’s what I got, that chat thing has all the answers – I tell you!

influencing with memes be like
How meme influencers push influence with satirical funny memes.

Meet the meme maestro, the joke juggler, the one and only meme influencer extraordinaire! These digital jesters have mastered the art of making you snort your coffee with their clever creations and laugh-out-loud posts. A meme influencer is an individual who has gained a significant following and influence on social media platforms by creating, curating, and sharing memes. Okay, totally sounds like a human. Laugh-out-loud, y’all.

Here is What a Meme is

Memes are humorous, often relatable images, videos, or text that spread rapidly across the internet. Meme influencers leverage their understanding of internet culture, humor, and trends to connect with their audience.’Memes are humorous, often relatable images, videos, or text that spread rapidly across the internet. Meme influencers leverage their understanding of internet culture, humor, and trends to connect with their audience.

guy checking out funny memes rather than doing anything important
Sharing favorite memes is so much better than doing anything important.

These meme influencers aren’t just here to share memes; they’re here to make your sides ache from uncontrollable laughter. It’s like having a stand-up comedian in your pocket, ready to deliver a punchline at the perfect moment. Welp, I wouldn’t go that far – but ookrrrr.

Unsung Heroes of the Internet with Memes

They’re the unsung heroes of the internet, turning everyday moments into meme magic. Ever wondered who’s responsible for those viral memes that leave you in stitches? Look no further, because these influencers are the architects of hilarity. Unsung heroes on the internet? Like we are out here saving lives with laughs. I mean that would be cool, but we meme influencers ain’t no doctors, nurses or teachers.

Be Whoever You Want to Be

The world is crazy and the internet is wild. Take this silly little blog post about self titlement and have a little chat with your awesome self. It’s 2023, y’all. You can be whatever you want to be. And if someone has something to say about it (someone will always have something to say!) that is their problem. Name it and claim it.

If I can be a meme influencer, you can do whatever you want. How about a pet psychic or a mop counissour? Or maybe you aren’t what other people want you to be and for that I say, that’s their problem. Be gay or straight. Vote how you want. For the love, stop boxing yourself in!

Just Don’t Be Like George Santos

I hope if you have read this far down onto the article that you know that me stating I’m calling myself the best meme influencer 2023 is satire. What isn’t satire is owning who you are and want to be. The only rule to the name it and claim it statement is this. Don’t be evil. Yes, George Santos and his made up political lies I am talking to you.

While some are scared of the future, I’m scared of the past. For the life of me, I feel so sad how people hold onto those unnecessary self limitations with a death grip. Just because that’s how it was, doesn’t mean how it is. Evolve, change and be whoever you want to be.

Welp, there you go folks. There is how I received the title of best meme influencer 2023. Now go help make my fake case by sharing these funny memes. I know, shameless self promotion but inflation be crazy and my kids gotta eat.

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